SnoBear XP


About SnoBear XP

Fully equipped with all options and a custom upholstered interior, the SnoBear XP merges style with utility. With built-in adaptable latched fishing holes in the floor, this vehicle lets you drop a line virtually anywhere on the hard water—and easily reel up and move to a new spot in minutes. With its efficient cabin design and independent heating system, you and your friends can ice fish without wearing bulky winter jackets when the thermometer dips. Imagine ice fishing at -40 degrees in total comfort!

Standard Features

* = Standard Feature Specific To This Model


  • Front Hitch Only
  • Universal Rear Auger Mount
  • 30 lb. Propane Tank
  • Engine Block Heater
  • Hydraulic Antifreeze Additive for Lift Cylinders
  • 6” StrikeMaster Auger Flute
  • Front Light Bar
  • Rear LED Flood Light
  • Pre-Wired Winch


  • 2 Overhead Storage Cabinets
  • 4 Fishing Holes with Covers & Sleeves
  • 2 Rear Corner Cup & Rod Holders
  • AM/FM CD Radio & 2 Speakers
  • On Board Charger
  • Interior LED Lighting
  • Electronic Gauges
  • Horn
  • 2 Vexilar Mounts (1 Front & 1 Rear)
  • Table with Pedestal Mount
  • Interior Auger Mount w/ Adapter Shaft
  • In Dash Power Inverter
  • 12 Volt Outlets


  • Custom Upholstered Interior:
  • (Two Color Options: Earth Tone & Gray)
  • 1 Custom Upholstered Swivel Driver Seat *
  • 2 Custom Upholstered Benches 60” & 78” *


“I have been using SnoBears for a long time and have come to realize that once you have had one, it’s hard to not have one. The unit is fully enclosed ice fishing machine that hydraulically raises and lowers to the ice. It runs on a Hyundai gas engine and has two tracks and a set of skis that gets it from spot to spot.”

'Walleye Dan' Eigen

“Walleye Dan” Eigen

Walleye Dan’s Guide Service

“The SnoBear brings luxury into the world of ice fishing. It allows you to explore and fish areas with all the comforts of home! It’s your transportation, ice hut, living room, and bedroom all wrapped into the most comfortable way to get the most out of your winter adventure! It’s a state of the art ice fishing machine!”

Bob Izumi

Bob Izumi

Bob Izumi’s Real Fishing Show

Opening A New Frontier for the Outdoorsman

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