The SnoCoach, an industrial winter vehicle, was conceptualized as a request from numerous clients. They asked for a machine for winter travel in remote areas that’s fast, efficient, and warm, and delivers a smooth ride. The SnoCoach is a purpose built snow track vehicle that is not a modification of an existing unit. This would insure that the use and serviceability would be unmatched.

Customized For
Your Industry

The SnoCoach is now available for commercial, industrial, and tourism transportation. With large glass windows for optimal viewing, the SnoCoach can go anywhere across ice or snow in comfort! With multiple applications for transport, the SnoCoach can be customized for work in Search & Rescue, Ambulance or Medical Transportation, Oil Patrol, Gas & Electrical Field Maintenance, and so much more! The SnoCoach operates in unique terrain and extreme climates, ranging from Alaska to the Siberian tundra. Our SnoCoach seats up to 15 passengers in a “stadium style” OR “bench style” seating arrangement. We recommend “stadium style” that also has the versatility to easily remove some seats and allow room for equipment of parcel delivery. The front suspension provides improved strength for transport and the most comfortable ride ever. Maneuvering over snow and ice has never been so easy.

Standard Features

The EPA certified 5.3 liter fuel injected, dual exhaust aluminum GM motor provides ample power for your application without compromising weight and serviceability. The transmission is a GM 4L80E with six speed conversion pack to allow for smooth shifting and strong performance under heavy load conditions. The SnoCoach includes a Hydraulic assist steering with large capacity reservoir, multiple coolers with electric assist fans for Engine Coolant, and Transmission Fluid and Engine Oil. Both tracks and skis have a 18” wide footprint that equates to a LOW PSI rating for travel. The actual PSI rating is based on load capacity per configuration.

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